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To purchase a painting please contact:

"Rabbit Ears", Oil on canvas 1mx45cm, 2014
"Ballerina Wings", Oil on Canvas, 1mx45cm, 2014
Spiderman Boy  80x50 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2014  £800
"Drought",  Oil on Wood, 80x30cm, 2016,  Glasgow  SOLD
"Miriam", 40x40 cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2015, Trondheim,  £300
COMMISSION: "Kristen and Vidar", Acrylic on canvas, 2016, Trondheim  SOLD
"Twins",  Oil on Wood, 98x38 cm, April 2017  SOLD
"Colour in the Quiet", Oil on Wood, 22x61 cm   March 2017  SOLD
"Spade" Oil on Plywood, 52x61 cm  February 2017  SOLD
COMMISSION: "My World", Oil on Plywood, 30cm diameter, Edinburgh 2017, PRIVATE OWNERSHIP
"Come Let's be Merry"  100x120 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2015, Trondheim


OIL PAINTINGS: £0.2 per cm2

WATERCOLOURS: A4 = £75, A3 = £100

Click on paintings to enlarge.

All paintings © Copyright Christy Ringrose

Please contact for enquiries about a purchase.

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