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"Blossom Tree"  Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh, March 202 Oil on wood, 1m x 1m, £700
"Call it Sky", Oil on Wood, 32x59cm, November 2017. Location: Glasgow. £378  ​  ​
"Night like the first night",  Oil on Wood, 61x57cm, November 2017, Location: Edinburgh. £695 ​
The Young Shostakovitch.jpg
Priscilla Eddie.jpg
"Tea" Oil on Wood, 62x25 cm  May 2018  ​
"Edinburgh Castle in the snow"  Oil on Wood, 25x62 cm, May 2018  SOLD  ​
"Morning the Fifth Day"  Oil on Wood, 63x63cm, November 2017, SOLD  ​
COMMISSION:  "Rejoice for Your Names are Written in Heaven", Oil on Plywood, Brunstfield Evangelical Church, Edinburgh, 2017  ,PRIVATE OWNERSHIP
"Norsk Bryllup" (Norwegian Wedding) 1mx50cm, 2018, PRIVATE OWNERSHIP
"Josephine" Oil on wood, 78x53cm 2018. Location: Glasgow. £827


OIL PAINTINGS: £0.2 per cm2

WATERCOLOURS: A4 = £75, A3 = £100

Click on paintings to enlarge.

All paintings © Copyright Christy Ringrose

Please contact for enquiries about a purchase.

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