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Smitten, Stricken and Afflicted (2021)

“Smitten, Stricken and Afflicted” is a cover of an hymn written my Thomas Kelly in 1804. I kept singing it around Easter time and decided it is such a special hymn that is deserves to be more widely heard. It was recorded in Spring 2021 at The Foundry Music Lab in Motherwell, myself on piano and vocals with Graham Coe on Cello.

"The Tree" by Joel Michael Nicholas

I asked a fellow painter, Joel Michael Nicholas, to make an artwork inspired by the song. He said he painted over an old canvas which he had painted before he became a Christian: “It wasn’t planned what I’d do. It emerged as floral, and tree-like. And before interpreting anything I asked friends what they saw. It hit home that I’d painted the crucification in a way I couldn’t have imagined going for. I painted the conflict of love conquering sin and revival waters rushing the dry land of our souls. I love it”

And I love it too. The cruxifixction is such an age old theme and I really wanted this song to bring out the brand newness of life which makes this 2000 year old story still relevant to us in 2021.

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