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Edinburgh - Saturday 6th July 2pm: "Every Other Song" - a cozy summer house concert. Get in touch: if you wish to attend.

Trondheim (Norway) - Saturday 24th August: Konsert og Buffet  (concert and dinner). Rønningen Gård, a beautiful farm in the forest. Ticket info to come.

Inverness - Saturday 28th September: House concert. Reply to this email if you would like to attend.

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Many friends and neighbors were like under a spell during Christy's concert. She is a charismatic, warm, versatile and passionate performer who creates a strong connection with all ages. 

Dolores Capdevila, Visual Artist

What is a house concert?

A house concert is a get-together of friends in your home with live music, often with food, drink and socialising. House concerts are intimate and cosy and allow your guests to make a special connection with the artist and her music. You can request some favourite songs or just leave the set-list up to me.

A concert can be for different types of occasions

  •  A special birthday

  •  A way of bringing your friends or neighbours together

  •  An excuse to have a small or big party in your house

  • A surprise present for a special friend or partner

  • A garden event for a summer’s evening

  • A cosy winter gathering

How many people should you invite?

House parties are about quality, not quantity. You can have small gathering of 10 or 20 friends or 30-40 for a special party.

What do house concert cost?

House concerts normally cost 10 pounds per person, with a minimum overall cost of 200 pounds. The homeowner can decide to pay the whole cost, ask each friend to contribute a fixed sum, or ask guests to contribute by voluntary cash or mobile pay donations on the night.


If your location is outside of my local area (central Scotland - and occasionally Trondheim, Norway!), then I will ask you to contribute to travel costs in addition to the above price.

How does the concert last?

Concerts are normally an hour.

Childrens’ concerts

The concerts described here are for adults. If you are interested in a house concert for children, for a special birthday or Christmas party, please get in touch for more details.


The host should let me know if there is a piano or keyboard in the home. I can provide sound equipment as needed.

Acknowledgements: and for ideas on house gigs.

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